Amusement & Water Parks

It takes 900,000 gallons to initially fill a water park. A park can consume more 25,000 gallons a month. Water is lost through evaporation, splash off, deck cleaning and backwash operations. With the Flosaver ™ Air Reduction & Efficiency Valve, you can stop paying for the air in your water lines, and reduce your total overall operational expenses.

Investing in water conservation will not only save the park money, it increases attendance by creating good will. Water and amusement parks are all over the country and in need of lowering water usage and costs of water bills, especially in areas of drought.

The main objective of water conservation in a waterpark is to reduce the amount of new supply needed on a daily basis through the efforts of water reclamation and minimizing refill needs. Water reclamation is the term given to the re-use of an existing water supply. The water system of a waterpark operates like one giant swimming pool.

The pool is filled once, then  the  water  is  filtered  at  an  appropriate  rate,  reusing  the  same  water  over  and  over.  Water  levels  need  to  be  maintained  for  public  health  and  safety.  Water loss at a waterpark comes from four activities: splash out, evaporation, deck wash down, and backwash loss. Splash out is defined as loss of water from human interaction  with  the  water  system.  Evaporation  is  the  conversion  of  water  from  a  liquid  to  a  gas,  and  is  greater  at  outdoor  waterparks.  Deck  wash-down  is  a  maintenance  operation  for  cleaning  the  solid  surface  areas  surrounding  the  aquatic  landscape.  Backwash  is  a  maintenance  operation  that  is  used  to  clean  the  filters  of  the  water  system  and  it  accounts  for  the  largest  majority  of  water  loss  in  the  waterpark. In the overall waterpark water system, the maintenance and topping off operation accounts for 2% to 3% of total water use on a daily basis. In other words, a waterpark is re-using approximately 97% to 98% of its water system. This re-use of water is water conservation and reflects the largest percentage of water use at the waterpark.  Daily  water  consumption  for  the  waterpark  is  based  upon  the  smaller  percentage of water loss that is discharged into the sanitary system.  Besides being good community stewards of local water supplies, owners who develop indoor and outdoor waterparks have the added benefit of increasing their bottom line through  good  water  conservation  techniques.  Water  conservation  means  a  more  efficient operation and lower utility bills. In waterpark design, water conservation is a naturally occurring design principle. Through design efficiencies, the more water that an  indoor  or  outdoor  waterpark  can  conserve,  the  better  the  return  on  investment.  The  waterpark  design  community  is  constantly  trying  to  develop  new  and  more  efficient  methodologies  for  water  conservation,  not  just  in  the  waterpark  attraction  itself, but throughout all components of the resort.   A waterpark resort might contain several components, all of which use water. These components  include: lodging accommodations in the form  of  hotel  guest  rooms or condominiums, restaurants, conference facilities, family entertainment  centers, an indoor/outdoor waterpark, and exterior landscaping. Hotel and Leisure Advisors have analyzed that the 2% to 3% of water use at  the  waterpark  component  represents  only 15% to 20% of the overall water consumption of the entire resort. The lodging and restaurant components of the resort reflect the largest percentage of consumption approximately  65%  to  75% of the overall  resort daily water  consumption.

Understanding water consumption at waterpark resorts in relation to other entertainment/recreational uses that consume water is a valid methodology to gain perspective and transform public perception.  A 100,000  square  foot  waterpark  resort  might  use  on  average  125,000  to  160,000  gallons  of  water  per  day.   How much do you spend on water?  Are you ready to save up to 25% or more?  Install a Flosaver water valve by pbH2o Solutions and get started saving today.  Call now for a free evaluation.